Charvet has been at the forefront of innovation within the industry since its inception in 1934. It’s focus on development and creativity has helped to secure its place as one of the world’s leading professional heavy duty cooking equipment manufacturers – a distinction valued by everyone at Charvet.

In 1908, Alphonse-Benoît Charvet settles in Charavines and opens his hand-crafted plumbing business.  He quickly changes to specializing in heating and moves into the cooking sector. Heating and cooking were combined as the cast iron stove called “fourneau-bouilleur” in France was used to provide hot water for the radiators.

In 1934 brothers Jean and Paul Charvet create a company that specialises in cooking equipment. At this time they had around ten employees, but the Second World War disrupts further company growth because of lack of workforce and raw materials.  In the post-war period, Charvet continues to produce domestic kitchens and begin to manufacture professional equipment for restaurants and institutions.

Over the years, the business has gone through a number of name changes. In 2000 the company name officially became Charvet, with the company producing both modular and bespoke cooking suites.

Today the home of the Charvet factory is located at the foot of the Chartreuse mountains, where the tradition for manufacturing premier kitchen equipment dates back almost a century. Charvet is present in over 20 countries worldwide with subsidiaries in the UK and Spain.

Charvet Premier Ranges launched in 1998 as Charvet’s UK subsidiary. Premier Ranges continues the original Charvet values of quality, excellence, precision and innovation, keeping with the pressing and changing demands of chefs, businesses and corporations in the catering equipment industry. We have established ourselves as a trusted and expert supplier within the UK market whom continue to work within all sectors and cater for all of our clients needs.