Charvet adds refrigeration capacity to ONE series and Bespokes

Charvet has added a new refrigeration option to its Charvet ONE Series and Charvet Bespoke suites.

Refrigeration directly under the cookline has proved popular with restaurants and the chains because it puts ingredients close to the chef, maximizing floor space, cutting out wasted movement and increasing productivity.

Drawers can be topped up in between services, are easy to clean down and accommodate changes in menu from lunch to dinner, for example.

The Precision VUBC 121 refrigerated drawer provides 62 litres usable space, sufficient for 4x 1/1GN pans with a maximum pan depth of 180mm. It can operate in fridge or freezer modes at the flick of a switch, from -22degC to + 4degC. Energy efficiency is Class A as Refrigerator & B as Freezer.

The Precision drawer is the ideal match for Charvet’s ONE 6-burner, which features a one-piece seam-welded stainless-steel chassis, 1.5 mm thick, that provides strength and rigidity. The top is 2mm thick stainless-steel and sides are 1mm thick. Power is rated at 6 x 6.5kW for the Charvet patented ‘I. SYSTEM crown’ open burners.

Alternatively, Charvet can also provide an Adande refrigerated base, which is available on all Charvet ranges.

More information on the Precision drawer: