Charvet ONE


The One for Value


This is your chance to buy Charvet at it’s most affordable price ever!

Restaurant concepts are changing more frequently, and medium-duty is just not tough enough for operators who want to serve hundreds of meals daily. 

With that in mind, our One series was constructed for modern fast turnover ‘quick service restaurants’, public houses and caterers who need a short-term investment return but who still require powerful, robust and reliable equipment that caters for a wide menu choice.

One has been specially crafted to meet the new demands of the market.

“Customer usage has changed.  Traditional Charvet ranges which last 20 years do not fit the business model for those restaurants who change concept every five or seven years.  We can now offer these companies a heavy-duty range that comes with a more accessible price and which delivers the return on investment they require.”
Pierre-Alain Augagneur
Charvet CEO

As Heavy-Duty as You Would Expect from Charvet


Charvet One is packed with power and comes with a range of options, including gas, electric and induction.

To provide a competitive cost we have removed the ‘features’ not essential to the cooking process — such as tall flues, enamel panels and name plates and badges.   However, it’s still built using our tried and tested components — and with the same Charvet quality.

Most importantly, One is a modular cooking range available from stock, for quick and simple installation using built-in connecting strips.

  • Features Charvet’s legendary durability
  • Fabulous cooking power
  • Huge range of gas, electric and induction options
  • Clean lines, simple design
  • Easy to install, service and maintain
  • Fully welded super-durable construction
  • 60% faster installation than traditional ranges


To see what the Charvet ONE can really do, click here to view our brief video, or here to see it in action at Restaurant 27.


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