Induction Cooking Range

Charvet induction WokIncreasingly seen as the first choice where high power cooking is required, induction cooking is optimal when aiming to reduce heat and cut the amount of overhead ventilation required in the restaurant kitchens.

Popular myth states that you cannot mount induction units above an oven.  We at Charvet have now debunked that myth by becoming the only manufacturer with the ability to mount induction directly above one of our ovens!

Induction ranges are usually the first choice for high street chain operators, especially when working alongside combi-ovens.  Chains want easy to clean, hygienic, reliable, and durable units that come with excellent technical support to enable high productivity.

Charvet’s traditional build quality  (such as using an independent steel chassis to build the range) provides strength, durability and ease of access for servicing, which helps minimise through-life costs while providing the most stable base for induction hobs.

Charvet’s strength also means there is no problem retro-fitting induction into an existing Charvet range.

Operators appreciate the return on investment received in terms of energy saving over the long term, easily justifying the price premium compared with conventional gas or electric hobs.



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