Piquet Restaurant

Allan Pickett and his Charvet OneIt took Chef Allan Pickett two years to open his first restaurant, backed by Andre Blais, founder of Bodeans BBQ.

Picket has a star-studded CV which includes Plateau, Aviator, Galvin Bistro de Luxe and Orrery and his new 98-seater restaurant occupies two floors and caters for up to 250 covers daily, with nine staff in the kitchen.

“I always used to think Charvet was expensive – but no. With the Charvet ONE series, they have taken away the extras that add cost such as the brass and  elaborate flues to achieve an entry-level price.

“This is my first restaurant, the budget was limited and we had to make everything fit. The cost of the Charvet was the same as we were looking at from other manufacturers.

“The beauty of Charvet ONE is that, as the restaurant evolves, we can pull out a module and move things about.

“Charvet ONE is good quality, well built and a joy to cook on daily. It is new but looks like a classic range. Customers can see what we are doing and see that we are very serious about our food and our equipment.”

Charvet ONE range includes two solid top sections, chargrill, Plancha, induction hob, double fryer, static oven, pot shelf and Rise and Fall Salamander.