Charvet SalamanderSomething special for the kitchen, produced in the way only Charvet can…

Manufactured in France to Charvet’s exacting heavy-duty specifications, the Charvet Salamander is versatile, powerful and robust.

A heavier-duty contact grill that can be easily bench or wall mounted, or fitted at the end of a cooking suite, the Salamander:

  • Features infrared technology that minimises smoke and odours.
  • 3kW of power achieving an impressive 400 ºC in just nine  seconds or a massive 570 ºC  after 15 minutes use.

Cost Effective

  • Two independent cooking areas allow half the unit to be switched off during low demand.
  • A standard on/off control allows for use at full-blast during peak service and the Plate Detection System automatically turns the elements on when a dish is placed under the grill.
  • Open on three sides, accepting dishes of any size, the Charvet Salamander measures 600 x 590 x 590 mm, with a surface cooking area of 540 x 375 mm. Weight is 49 Kg.


Click here to see the Salamander in action at Restaurant 27.

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