The perfect accompaniment to any Charvet Suite, our Salamanders are flexible, powerful and robust.

Charvet Salamanders

Available in gas or electric (single-phase and three-phase) versions, and versatile enough to fulfil many different roles using relatively little space, Salamanders are a common sight in many professional kitchens.  Due to their design, Salamanders are usually mounted directly on a wall or shelf so that the cooking is easily monitored at eye level.

Gas or electric

Charvet’s Gas and three-phase Electric Salamanders use a simple notch mechanism to adjust the height of the shelf and also opens on three sides to allow dishes of any size.

Charvet’s single-phase Electric Rise and Fall Salamander allows you to raise and lower the entire top grill section.  The grill heats up to a heat of 400 º C in just nine seconds —  or a massive 570 º C  after 15 minutes use.  The Plate Detection System automatically turns the elements on when a dish is placed under the grill.

“I have worked with Charvet equipment in previous kitchens and have always found it to be solid, reliable, provides the cooking power we need, and most importantly takes the knocks that inevitably come from being in use 16 hours a day”.

Gary Foulkes, The Square