Bespoke island cooking suite – Singapore

Sebastien Lepinoy’s bespoke island cooking suite is a central monobloc, dimensions: 3,000 x 1,800 mm. Note in particular, the substantial amount of space allowed for plating up and work in progress.

“Simplicity in the kitchen is the best, but the hardest part to replicate…” says 3 Michelin Star chef Sebastien Lepinoy, ‘Les Amis‘, Singapore.  

prime cooking suite at les amis singapore

Suite Cooking Elements

  • 2 x double open burners : 340 x 340 mm
  • 2 solid tops : 600 x 550 mm
  • 1 gas oven : GN2/1
  • 1 salamander fixed and removable grid
rise and fall salamander les amis
  • 1 chargrill
  • 2 technical cupboards
  • 2 fryers : 2 x 7 litres (2 x 8 kW)
les amis prime cooking suite
  • 1 neutral element: with GN2/1 cabinet
  • 1 pot rack
  • 1 through oven GN2/1: This oven with 2 shelves allows access from both sides. The capacity is the width of the range, 1800 mm, and so is wide and deep enough to roast up a whole lamb or three.
Charvet bespoke island cooking suite Singapore

Read our interview with Sebastien Lepinoy, about ‘Les Amis’ and his Charvet bespoke island cooking suite here

Sebastien Lepinoy Chef Les Amis Singapore
“Let’s be honest: The new kitchen and the Charvet suite definitely helped getting us those stars!  Working with beautiful, high-performance equipment are important criteria to obtain 3 Michelin Stars. The Charvet island definitely played a major part in this.”
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