Care Home Catering – factors to consider when looking for a cooking suite

Hygiene and ease of cleaning are the two most important factors for new prime cooking equipment.

The need for hygiene is paramount, given the need for cleaning down after each meal session and in-between meals, for the service of snacks.

There is a skills shortage in catering and kitchens with the best kit will attract more staff.

One-piece tops which suite together the prime cooking elements such as hobs, Plancha, fryers, griddles and a big static oven for roasting are increasingly popular both for hygiene and good looks because they make cleaning down so easy, especially with induction hobs which can be sealed in.

Kitchens are increasingly ‘on show’, especially to the relatives who sanction the choice of care home for their loved one. Kitchens are a major selling point! Factors such as a beautiful heavy duty cooking range with chrome or gold trim and coloured panels demonstrate that the home has a serious professional kitchen that will attract good chefs but also promise good quality food for residents. 

Care homes can economically and tastefully colour a cooking range to suit the decor or logo. Charvet’s Premium Finish includes a palette of ready-made colours including whites, ivory, black, reds, blues, orange and green.

THE latest product launches include two Charvet multipurpose prime cooking modules.

Charvet Pro 800 Series Multizone Induction hobs work similarly to the old-fashioned gas or electric solid top. Every chef knows how to use this kind of equipment, making the Multizone an ideal choice especially where staff movement is frequent or where the kitchen is shared by professional chefs and casual cooks.

Pro 800 Multizone Induction
Multizone induction on Pro 800 series

Multizone Induction features four hobs which can work together, like the solid top, or individually. The surface is smooth and easy to keep clean and it takes only seconds to clean down with water and a cloth.

The sustainable alternative to traditional solid tops, four 3.5kW induction hobs provide flexibility, energy saving and comfortable working.

A ‘Multizone’ Steel Plancha has four zones which work as one for service, or individually. The Plancha heats to 450 degC and is suitable for pan work or to cook on directly.

multizone steel plancha
Multizone Steel plancha has four zones