Charvet adds single phase induction to ONE Series suites

Charvet has launched two new competitively priced single-phase modular induction units to expand the range of options for its entry level ONE Series.

“Our distributors have been asking for modular induction hobs capable of working off single phase electric because the reduced overall electrical loading provides better flexibility in the design of the suite and the kitchen”, says Charvet Sales Director Ian Clow.

“Access to 3-phase, which is the more usual power source for these powerful induction hobs, is often limited or not available.

“Charvet’s development reduces the loading on a suite, which means the customer gets more choice of cooking options – and that’s good news for distributors.

“Distributors can now offer their customers a comprehensive range of reliable induction technology as part of their Charvet ONE suite. The new 3kW induction modules are quick to install and butt up neatly to their neighbours, making for an easy clean hygienic surface. Being single phase, mobile or static, they offer additional flexibility and can easily be used in different departments in the restaurant or hotel.”

The new modular induction units require 32-amp protection and feature ultra-tough 6 mm thick vitroceramic cooking plates. They are available as an open or bridge unit in Charvet ONE format.

Demand for induction is increasing and the ONE Series now offers the distributor market a choice of induction hobs from single-phase 3kW to 3-phase 3.5kW and 5kW units – in two and four hob configurations. In addition, Charvet offers an induction Wok module and the Multizone, with 4 induction hobs in one, replicating the flexibility of the traditional gas or electric solid top.