Charvet Chef Talk

Charvet Chef Talk is a series of free virtual events with leading chefs and industry figures. An in depth interview is followed by live Q&As, where attendees have the opportunity to pose their own questions and to hear personal insights and industry vision on a wide range of topics.

Charvet Chef Talk with Kris Hall and Adam Simmonds

This special Charvet Chef Talk looks at the issue of mental health within our industry and how employers and employees can manage it.

“Thanks for doing this — great work! Adam’s point about people making false promises had always been rife in this wonderful trade of ours”

“Very interesting. Hopefully we can take the info on board at all levels”

Watch again, at your leisure, this enlightening, truthful and positive interview fallowed by a Q&A

Charvet Chef Talk with John Hooker…

In the second Charvet Chef Talk, John Hooker, owner/chef of The Cornish Arms in Tavistock shares his insights into staff retention, and how he’s managed to retain staff from pre to post lockdown.

He also tells us what equipment is saving him £8,000 a year on utilities and what his plans are for the future… and The Cornish Arms on tour

The culture of the business and the way people get treated, how much we’re paying people, like staff meals, looking after people, everything – we don’t miss out on these things any more.

Watch the full interview with John here, together with the live Q&A.

Charvet Chef Talk with Jonny Bone

The first Charvet Chef Talk features Jonny Bone, head chef of the three-Michelin-starred Core by Clare Smyth in Notting Hill.

He shared how he felt about Core receiving its third star, what they did in lockdown and his hopes for the future.

He also told us what he thought a Minister for Hospitality would need to do, the value of the individual, the need to be realistic on the real costs… and why they’re putting a Charvet in Oncore by Clare Smith, their new restaurant in Australia.

I think it is still a fantastic industry, it is a brilliant industry. We need more people in it, we need young people, because there is such a chance for people to get to great levels, to have great career prospects, everything.

Jonny’s interview along with the questions posed by attendees can be heard in full here.