Charvet Chrome Plancha

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For cooking food directly, not for pan work!

If you need high production, continuous contact griddling with no recovery time, you might want to upgrade to a Charvet Chrome Plancha.

Charvet’s Chrome Plancha is an elite cooking tool. It is available in these sizes:

  1. 400 x 450mm in Pro 700
  2. 700 x 500mm & 300 x 500mm in Pro 800 and Pro 900
  3. 800 x 680mm in Pro 1000

Chefs who have used them as they trained and worked through the industry, want one when they set up on their own.

The difference between chrome and plain steel is simple. Chrome cooks more sensitively and with less fat.

Surface temperature of Charvet Chrome Plancha is controlled by thermostat from 130 to 350 deg C. maximum, which makes it a good choice for any foodservice operation that needs to quickly and continuously sear and finish proteins, vegetables and more.

Steel Planchas get much hotter and therefore can be used for pan work and to cook on directly. Charvet’s Multizone (4-zone) steel Plancha achieves around 450 degC.

The 350 degC temperature means the Charvet Chrome Plancha achieves ‘Leidenfrost’: This is a physical phenomenon in which a liquid, close to a surface that is significantly hotter than the liquid’s boiling point, produces an insulating vapor layer that keeps the liquid from boiling rapidly. Because of this ‘repulsive force’, a droplet hovers over the surface rather than making physical contact with the hot surface.

In the days before thermometers, cooks would sprinkle water into a pan to see if it was hot enough for pancakes and such. If the water skitters across the surface, does not bubble and boil, and takes longer to evaporate than usual, the surface is ready.

This is the right temperature to create that uniform sear on the food’s entire surface, developing a deeper, more flavourful crust and caramelizing the juices.

Charvet’s Plancha has an even heat across the entire surface of the plate.

Heat retention is better on the Chrome Plancha than a flat griddle. Heat is retained because of the 20mm. thickness of the steel under the 50μ thick chrome, combined with the power of the elements or burners.

Charvet Chrome Plancha: For direct cooking only, not for pans.

  • Allows you to cook, brown or grill many foods with a low amount of fat.
  • Generates less heat into environment, creating around 30 percent energy savings per year compared to a griddle.
  • Easy to clean with ice cubes!


Remove food residues only using ice or a special chrome scraper which does not scratch the plate. This utensil is essential to guarantee a good life for your Plancha.