charvet extend
Be the Centre of Your Kitchen

Don’t confine yourself to cooking in front of your range — be around it!

The EXTEND Concept is one step away from the Gold Label Bespoke suites (don’t tell anyone, but it is actually partly made by the Bespoke production team!) and is in essence a modular bespoke suite.

With its central island or peninsula principle, EXTEND Concept relocates the range to the centre of your kitchen.  With a huge range of modules you have the flexibility to create the ideal cooking suite for your cooking requirements.

charvet extend

Based on the principle of using 1000mm deep modules to build a central island or peninsular suite to the length you need, the Extend Concept offers the possibility of combining several core modules with its many add-on sections.

EXTEND Concept is packed with power and comes with a range of options, including gas, electric and induction.

  • Charvet’s legendary durability
  • Powerful cooking performance
  • Easy to install, service and maintain
  • Fully welded super-durable construction
  • Traditional design features
  • Modules available from 300mm up to 1600mm wide
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Integral stainless steel plinth
  • Central services location
  • Pass through cupboards and ovens
  • 3mm thick worktop
  • Optional short or tall flues
  • Optional one-piece worktop

To find out more about the EXTEND Concept, email us at sales@charvet.co.uk.

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