Lets talk about grills

A grill or salamander is a serious investment because failure has such implications for service.

Customers choose Charvet grills and salamanders because we provide powerful heat in a rugged heavy-duty format that will take the knocks and last for years, even decades, even in the busiest of kitchens.

But Charvet also offers energy saving options, increasingly relevant today.


Grills are often doubled up, which speeds up service, but also provides back-up in case of failure. Grills provide huge heat and are often switched on for 12 hours or more daily. Regular planned maintenance is essential for reliability and safety, for grills and all prime cooking equipment. Heating elements and thermostats can fail, especially if the unit is not properly serviced and maintained, so a back-up option is always a good idea.

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A Charvet Salamander is a high temperature overhead grill with fixed shelf positions which can only be adjusted up or down manually.

Available in gas or electric (single-phase and three-phase) in 600 mm or 800 mm wide modules. They are open on three sides to accept dishes of any size. There is also an optional colour choice for the enamel control panel.

Charvet’s single-phase Electric Rise and Fall Salamander is more sophisticated in that it features plate detection, and it allows you to raise and lower the entire top grill section to bring the heat right on top of the food.

The Rise and Fall also has energy saving features compared to the traditional salamander, increasingly relevant in sustainable kitchens and as energy bills rise!

Charvet Salamander

Heating up to 400 degC in just nine seconds —  or a massive 570 degC  after 15 minutes use, two independent cooking areas mean half the unit can be switched off during low demand.

Infrared burners minimize smoke.

Both gas and electric have roles to play. In busy sites and especially when used in front of customers, the ruggedly good-looking traditional gas salamanders provide the consistent grill power needed for service, along with the theatre of cooking and a warm fiery glow that customers love.

But – and especially in sites with more irregular service patterns – there has been a move away from traditional style gas salamanders to more efficient electric units which provide energy savings by shutting down when not in use. These grills are using infra-red heating units that still provide 400 degC in just nine seconds and 570 degC after 15 minutes continuous use.

Ask us about the most suitable Charvet product for you.

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