Multipurpose ‘COMBI-PAN’ from Charvet

It’s a Plancha, Braisière and a Bain-Marie!

Charvet’s new improved Combi-Pan is a Plancha, bratt pan or braisiere and bain-marie combined, providing chefs with several modes of cooking from a small footprint.

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This multifunctional space-saving equipment can boil, poach, blanch, shallow or deep fry and perform as a griddle or Plancha. Two separate heating zones operate from 50-250°C. The pan has a divider so that you can separate foods if required. Options include a meat resting grid and Teflon chopping board.

Combi-Pan provides a range of cooking options, making it ideal for use throughout the day in restaurants, fast food casual dining chains, care homes and hotels, especially where the operator is looking to increase production capacity and menu flexibility, but without increasing the size of their kitchen.

Available as a stand-alone unit, the Combi-Pan can be built into a bespoke suite or fitted within Charvet Pro 700, 800 or 900 suites.

Says Ian Clow, Charvet UK Sales Director, “Meeting the demand for a truly multi-functional kit, the Combi-Pan combines the best features of bratt pan, boiler, griddle, Plancha and deep fryer in one multifunctional unit.

“Combi-Pan is easy for cooks and chefs to operate and it also offers kitchen designers a flexible, multipurpose prime cooking option that can adapt to changing menus and save space in their kitchen schemes.”

Featuring a GN2/1 tank and a water tap, the Pan is 77 mm deep with a 12mm thick base; all AISI 304 stainless steel. Useful dimensions: 650 x 530 x H. 77 mm. It comes with a water tap and has a large upstand and drain plug that discharges into a GN 1/1 drain housed in the base unit, which can be fitted with cupboard doors.