Restaurant Magazine Readers Choice Award 2020

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The results from Restaurant magazine’s annual Readers’ Choice Awards have been revealed following a survey of professional chefs. Votes are cast in 24 categories and in Best Cooking Ranges, Charvet achieved a “Highly Commended” award for 2020, adding to an existing ‘Chefs Choice’ “Winner” for Charvet, awarded by readers of Restaurant Magazine for the quality of our Modular Heavy-Duty cooking appliances. This year’s survey collated more than 12,000 individual votes from across the independent and multiple restaurant...

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Another sustainability case from Charvet

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If you are looking for a new gas range, look out for the use of refractory cement around the heating elements. The cement withstands high temperatures and prevents the escape of heat, ‘focussing’ or directing the burner output onto the hotplate above and thus minimising energy wastage. The cement blocks are heavy, need extra engineering to keep them in place and are a cost that many of our competitors do not bear. But their use means energy saved! Charvet can use smaller rated gas burners but still achieve a similar heat output to some...

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Sustainable cooking from Charvet

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Cutting gas consumption on open burners. When using Charvet pan detectors, you could reduce gas usage by a conservative 50%, possibly more, and they will pay for themselves in 1 year, LPG users in 6 months! TO GET THE FULL PICTURE, WATCH THE FRENCH-MADE VIDEO HERE: Chefs love using gas and Charvet has developed an open gas burner that is about as energy saving as induction! The Charvet gas burner can have A pan detector built within which uses the same principle as induction by switching on and off automatically when a pan is put on or off...

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Perfect low temperature cooking

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Charvet is renowned for the cooking power of its ranges and cooking modules and has now launched Low Temperature Cooking. Working in combination with bains marie and available on the Pro700, 800 and 900 Series and bespoke ranges, Charvet has launched a drop-in Low Temperature Cooking unit featuring digital controls, automatic water filling and water agitation to ensure consistent temperatures. Says Charvet UK Sales Director Ian Clow, “Temperatures can be set to within 1degC, ensuring the sort of precision that chefs demand. The Pro700,...

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There is no doubting the sheer power that comes with Charvet pasta cookers. At 11 kW for the electric and 13.5 kW for gas they have plenty of ‘grunt’ to suit the busiest of sites, but they are also very controllable thanks to a digital thermostat which also makes the Pasta Cooker ideal for other tasks such as sous vide poaching and slow-poached eggs. (For hygiene and ease of removal cook the eggs in a ziplock-style bag and attach the bag to the side of the bath with a clip or simply by resting the lid on top of the bag.) Cooking water is...

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The ultimate modular cooking suite for The Comet Hotel

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Element Bar & Kitchen at The Comet Hotel, Hatfield “It’s a relief not to have to bend down onto your knees to light a fryer,” says Comet Hotel Executive Chef Stephen Rey. That’s just one of the positives that Rey has noted about working with the Charvet ONE Series 4-metre long commercial cooking range, installed at Element Bar & Kitchen. “The range really puts out a lot of heat and there is a good mix of elements, some of which can do a double job – the pasta boiler for example, is also working as a bains marie when we need that. “The...

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Garden Centre Catering, Kitchen Design

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CURVE IT, OR COLOUR IT? Sometimes Garden Centre operators like to think outside the box when they want to create visual impact in a restaurant. Curved foodservice counters have been around for decades and they are popular because customers queuing have a better view of what’s on offer than if the counter were a straight line. “The same goes for a curved cook-line,” says Charvet UK Sales Director Ian Clow. “The cookline in these instances can feature a one-piece top, which is easy to clean and looks fantastic! “The curve draws the eye and the...

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Fife Arms – top hotel

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The Times has just named the Fife Arms (Braemar), as winner of its Top 100 British hotels, a huge achievement. The Fife Arms is a wonderful hotel, as seen in our video above, in an area of outstanding beauty. Charvet is incredibly proud to be The Fife Arms’ choice of professional cooking suite, with the PRO 800 modular island with one piece worktop: Double solid top with GN2/1 gas oven Two Gas chrome Plancha’sFour open burner with gas GN2/1 oven Two open burners and half solid top on GN2/1 gas ovenElectric twin pan/basket fryer Electric...

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FEJ Powerlist 2019

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For another year we are proud to support the Foodservice Equipment Journal Powerlist (FEJ). In such a challenging world it’s good to recognise those who are striving to do their best for our industry. As one of the leading manufacturers of Professional Cooking Ranges, Charvet is again sponsoring the ‘Business Leaders’ category, which pays tribute to the figureheads piloting some of the most prominent brands in the UK foodservice sector. The decisions that these individuals make, the investments they sanction and the projects they...

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Multipurpose ‘COMBI-PAN’ from Charvet

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It’s a Plancha, Braisière and a Bain-Marie! Charvet’s new improved Combi-Pan is a Plancha, bratt pan or braisiere and bain-marie combined, providing chefs with several modes of cooking from a small footprint. Download product sheet here This multifunctional space-saving equipment can boil, poach, blanch, shallow or deep fry and perform as a griddle or Plancha. Two separate heating zones operate from 50-250°C. The pan has a divider so that you can separate foods if required. Options include a meat resting grid and Teflon chopping board....

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