Pasta cooker, poacher

There is no doubting the sheer power that comes with Charvet pasta cookers.

At 11 kW for the electric and 13.5 kW for gas they have plenty of ‘grunt’ to suit the busiest of sites, but they are also very controllable thanks to a digital thermostat which also makes the Pasta Cooker ideal for other tasks such as sous vide poaching and slow-poached eggs.

(For hygiene and ease of removal cook the eggs in a ziplock-style bag and attach the bag to the side of the bath with a clip or simply by resting the lid on top of the bag.)

Cooking water is constantly replenished using the integrated waterspout, so starch can’t build up. There is also two timers to ensure perfect results.

Made from 1.5mm thick stainless steel, the GN1/1 tank features a removable perforated double bottom.

Digital controls
Draining Area
6 individual baskets or bulk cooking
Steam function
Continuous boiling
Perforated tray
Easy to disassemble with removable draining area and double bottom
Water level senor
Electronic thermostat
Easy access for cleaning

Available on the Pro700, Pro800, Pro900, Pro1000, Charvet One, Aero Gam, Extend Concept, Bespoke