Cooking Modules

Pro 700 cooking range from Charvet

Think modular… think flexible, think Charvet

When Charvet designed their range of modular cooking suites, they had one thing on their mind:

To give chefs a cooking suite with the individuality and flexibility that matches their culinary needs, desires and style, but which is faster and cheaper to supply than a complete bespoke.

For some manufacturers, modular can mean mass bulk production, with lower quality, unimaginative, bottom of the range units with a short shelf life…

…but Charvet modulars are completely different.

A Charvet modular cooking suite is truly heavy-duty, featuring a huge range of options and is designed to suite together beautifully, perhaps under a one piece top. Equally important, Charvet’s build quality provides the ability to easily replace and rearrange modules later.

Whether it’s the Charvet ONE, Pro 700, Pro 800, Pro 900 or Pro 1000 you can build a cooking suite unique to you. You can select the colour, choose from a variety of different finishes including protection rails, pot racks, tall or short flues and 2mm or 3mm thick one-piece worktops… it really is just like having a bespoke.

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