See Charvet on stand P419 at HRC 2020

Charvet adds innovation and colour

Charvet makes truly heavy-duty equipment packed full of features.

We won’t be hard to spot as the stand centrepiece is a large, coloured Charvet bespoke range! Charvet specialises in tailoring coloured enamel panels also for the Pro700, 800 and 900 suites and matching Salamander.

There are nine standard colours and virtually any colour you like can be tailored on request. Our reduced-depth Pro700 professional cooking modules – pasta cooker, open burners, chrome Plancha etc – are featuring on the stand in stunning black.

Appearing in Ivory is a Charvet Pro800 with the new Four Zone Plancha and Electric Water Grill, Charvet’s version of an electric chargrill.

Also on show, Multizone induction – four 3.5kW hobs that work as one. Charvet’s outstanding-value ONE series six burner and Triple Gas Chargrill with refrigerated drawer underneath.

Finally, Charvet is unveiling its Low Temperature Cooking using our existing bains marie. Available on the Pro700, 800 and 900 Series and bespoke ranges, the Low Temperature Cooking unit features digital controls, automatic water filling and water agitation to ensure consistent temperatures.