Carnoustie – steeped in history, strong in tradition… and with a new Charvet!

Charvet induction multizone

The Open Championship returns to Carnoustie in July 2018, where the course will feature a fabulous new clubhouse.

Foodservice facilities have been designed and installed by Inox Equip who selected Charvet’s ONE series for the cookline.

At the centre of the line is Charvet’s new Multizone Induction Range, with oven under plus twin electric 2 x 8kw fryers.

“Mounting induction over an electric oven helps to make use of limited kitchen space,” says Charvet UK Sales Director, Ian Clow.

“There is a lot of induction equipment in the market but as operators know, not all induction is ‘equal’ either in terms of functionality, reliability or durability.

Charvet One Induction over oven“Charvet is one of very few manufacturers who can mount induction hobs over ovens and still retain reliability.”

The Induction Multizone combines four independent 3.5 k/W induction hobs set under a one-piece glass top.

The hobs can be operated alone or ‘sequentially regulated’ to effectively re-create the flexible cooking power of a conventional gas or electric solid-top.