When you think of heavy-duty cooking suites, you don’t often think about their sustainability.

At Charvet, sustainability is always on our mind.

Customers with an eye for maintainable units will love Charvet for its longevity, with some suites lasting over 20 years – proving long-term assets and sound business investment!

I 95% recyclable

When a Charvet suite finally comes to the end of its working life, almost all the components can go straight for recycling.

2I Charvet Gas Solid Top

The refractory cement used in our gas solid top and griddles that surrounds our high efficiency burners focuses output onto the hotplate above, preventing heat from escaping and reducing the need to use a large burner altogether!

I Charvet Salamander

Our Plate Detection System turns the salamander elements on only when a dish is placed under the grill and powers up to an impressive 400°C in just 9 seconds.  In fact, our electric salamander saves up to 30% more energy usage compared to other salamanders! ​​

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I Charvet Induction

Charvet induction units are ultra-tough and hygienic, offering the highest efficiency rates by cutting the ventilation load in the kitchen.​

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So the next time you are asked to specify a cooking suite, stop and Think Charvet, then pop over a quotation request. We think you will be surprised by how happy your client will feel that they not only own a Charvet, but that they have such an economically and environmentally friendly suite as well!

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