Perfect low temperature cooking

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Charvet is renowned for the cooking power of its ranges and cooking modules and has now launched Low Temperature Cooking. Working in combination with bains marie and available on the Pro700, 800 and 900 Series and bespoke ranges, Charvet has launched a drop-in Low Temperature Cooking unit featuring digital controls, automatic water filling and water agitation to ensure consistent temperatures. Says Charvet UK Sales Director Ian Clow, “Temperatures can be set to within 1degC, ensuring the sort of precision that chefs demand. The Pro700,...

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There is no doubting the sheer power that comes with Charvet pasta cookers. At 11 kW for the electric and 13.5 kW for gas they have plenty of ‘grunt’ to suit the busiest of sites, but they are also very controllable thanks to a digital thermostat which also makes the Pasta Cooker ideal for other tasks such as sous vide poaching and slow-poached eggs. (For hygiene and ease of removal cook the eggs in a ziplock-style bag and attach the bag to the side of the bath with a clip or simply by resting the lid on top of the bag.) Cooking water is...

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The ultimate modular cooking suite for The Comet Hotel

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Element Bar & Kitchen at The Comet Hotel, Hatfield “It’s a relief not to have to bend down onto your knees to light a fryer,” says Comet Hotel Executive Chef Stephen Rey. That’s just one of the positives that Rey has noted about working with the Charvet ONE Series 4-metre long commercial cooking range, installed at Element Bar & Kitchen. “The range really puts out a lot of heat and there is a good mix of elements, some of which can do a double job – the pasta boiler for example, is also working as a bains marie when we need that. “The...

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Fife Arms – top hotel

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The Times has just named the Fife Arms (Braemar), as winner of its Top 100 British hotels, a huge achievement. The Fife Arms is a wonderful hotel, as seen in our video above, in an area of outstanding beauty. Charvet is incredibly proud to be The Fife Arms’ choice of professional cooking suite, with the PRO 800 modular island with one piece worktop: Double solid top with GN2/1 gas oven Two Gas chrome Plancha’sFour open burner with gas GN2/1 oven Two open burners and half solid top on GN2/1 gas ovenElectric twin pan/basket fryer Electric...

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Charvet in action at Rovi

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  It’s always good to see our Charvet professional cooking ranges being used well. See the Charvet PRO800 island suite being used by the fantastic team at Rovi, London. PRO800 Island Suite with: 2x four zone 5kW induction hobs 1x four zone PCF with oven under 1x twin pan electric fryer 1x 66l bratt pan Pot rack over with 2x taps All under a 3mm thick one piece work top...

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Chef Patron Simon Shaw talks about El Gato Negro and Charvet

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  “Charvet enables us to do the job we need to do,” says El Gato Negro Chef Patron Simon Shaw about his Charvet cooking suite majoring on induction hobs. “I put my foot down to ensure we had Charvet. “We are serving 2000 covers a week so this equipment is getting really tested. “The induction helps keep the heat down in the kitchen – I’ve never worked in any other kitchen where it is so cool and that helps create a good working environment.” See the full interview here.      ...

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Charvet launches Premium Finish!

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  DOWNLOAD BROCHURE HERE Charvet has always produced coloured enamel panels from our own factory for bespoke suites.  A limited palette was also used for other products, such as maroon for PRO700 suites. We have now decided to widen that choice to include colour for the heavy-duty PRO 700, 800 and 900 suites and matching Salamander. Coloured enamel panels are available for all front fascia panels, including the door and control panel on full and half modules, as well as the oven unit and service void end panel. Whether it’s Traffic...

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“You just need to see it” – Head Chef Miquel Villacrosa Tast Catala, Manchester

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Manchester’s classiest street now boasts a unique Catalan restaurant, Tast Cuina Catalana.  The menu at Tast is conceived by multi-Michelin starred Catalan chef Paco Pérez and backers include Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola. Tast Cuina Catalana translated means ‘taste from the Catalan kitchen’. Find out what Head Chef Miquel Villacrosa thinks of the plancha on his Charvet PRO800, PRO900 and Extend professional cooking suites.   Charvet has installed equipment over three floors including: A Charvet 800 Series stainless steel...

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Midland Hotel, Manchester – an interview with Executive Head Chef Brian Spark

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Discover why Executive Head Chef Brian Spark chose Charvet Bespoke and Charvet One professional cooking suites for his busy kitchen, and what he thinks of induction.   Here’s just a taste of what he had to say… “Charvet was installed here two years ago. “Why did we choose Charvet? Because it is the best! “It lasts a long time, works perfectly and gives easy cleaning. Both our Charvet units are so easy to clean down at the end of the day and keep in pristine condition.” The Midland installed: Bespoke suite with one-piece top,...

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Charvet and Petersham Nurseries: The evolution

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 Now open in Covent Garden, the new central London Petersham Nurseries features two restaurants, delicatessen and shop. The original site in Richmond has worked very successfully with Charvet equipment for a long time. Chef-director Damian Clisby explains the move: “Petersham is a lifestyle brand and this site gave us the balance between the deli, shop and restaurants and enabled us to transmit the DNA from Richmond to create an oasis of calm in central London.” Describing the choice of Charvet for the cook-lines at Petersham Covent Garden,...

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