What People Think

“Charvet is of only a few manufacturers capable of producing a range of this quality and solidity.”
Clare Smyth, Core

“Charvet is nice quality and I have nothing negative to say about it.

“This is the first time I have used induction and here, it is perfect for me. It is strong, quick, reliable and has never had a problem or needed a fix.

“I must say also that the Charvet Plancha is also good.

“The kitchens here operate from 7am to 11pm and the ranges are used on and off throughout the day. There are no issues with Charvet; it is outstanding and one of the best; all about quality!”

Steeven Gilles, Head Chef at The Lanesborough’s Michelin-starred Céleste restaurant

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“The old Charvet cooking suite was an absolute workhorse, lasting some 22 years – we still have the bratt pan and its working fine. The old suite was against the wall, but we moved the location to improve the ventilation in the kitchen.

“We need kit that is solid, so it was a no brainer to choose Charvet again.”

Gary Booth, Executive Head Chef, Langar Hall
Installation of the kitchen, by Garners Catering Equipment.

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“Charvet is easy to work with and understand what chefs need. Over the years I have got to know their team well.

“Charvet is a name that is synonymous with ‘quality’. It is easy to use, powerful and reliable and Chefs love working on great equipment. With the modular Charvet ranges, they are also remarkably good value.

Alex Aitken, Consultant to Harbour Hotels Group and Chef Patron at The Jetty, Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa

“Charvet has a good reputation and is definitely in the top-tier of commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers.

“The kitchen at Maison François is exposed and so we needed a suite that was well put together.

“The follow-up after-sales service, carrying out repairs, is also very good, so overall, I am very pleased”.

François O’Neill, Owner, Maison François

“I am a big fan of Charvet. Having worked in London hotels and restaurants for several years, I knew from experience that Charvet is built like a tank, nothing ever went wrong; it is reliable, efficient and consistent in terms of heat output.

“From my point of view the key points are that consistency in performance and quality of workmanship; if you look after it, it will last forever!

“What surprised me is how price competitive the Charvet equipment proved to be; it really is excellent value for money and I love it.”

Liam Murray, Head Chef, The Thatched Tavern
Kitchen design and equipment specification by GS Group

“We have been dealing with Charvet for over 20 years and when it came to fitting out Maison François there was only one cooking suite we felt was appropriate.

“Charvet Sales Director Ian Clow was extremely helpful during the design stage with some very useful input on the layout and ‘workability’ of the suite.

“Pre-installation, Ian and Charvet Technical Manager Stan Berwick were very helpful on assisting the on-site M&E team with the services, which rise from the basement underneath.

“Charvet’s own install team themselves were very courteous, efficient and tidy on site which was very tight to work in given the space allocated for the cooking suite.

“As with any manufacturer we choose, a critically important part of a sale is the after sales service, and Charvet have already proven their worth here since the restaurant had a niggling issue to fix early on, but this was attended to and repaired within 12 hours of the call being logged.

“Fast response time and first-time fixes are key for any operation and Charvet’s performance fills me with confidence to specify them on future projects within London city centre and the rest of the UK.”

Gary McMullan, Galgorm Group, Contract Manager

We wanted the best for the best.

“Charvet is practical, looks amazing… you just need to see it. The planchas are super, super strong – and easy to clean – the induction super-fast.”

Miquel Villacrosa, Head Chef, Tast Catala, Manchester
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“After meeting with a professional kitchen designer, I knew I wanted to create a kitchen tailored specifically to my criteria.  I was advised to design the suite directly with Charvet to obtain a quality cooking island built for longevity.”

“I am more than satisfied with the Charvet piano!

“We needed a solid suite because restaurants operate 7 days a week in Asia, as opposed to other parts of the world where restaurants usually close for two days a week.  The equipment obviously wears out much faster (with a a 30% increase in use compared to restaurants that close two days a week).  This had to be taken into consideration when sourcing the suite.

“Charvet develops pianos according to the Chef’s needs, and each Chef is different.  My cuisine is classic, so for me it was necessary to create a “classic” suite.  I wanted a kitchen to make it ‘hot’!”

Sebastien Lepinoy, ‘Les Amis‘, Singapore

“In terms of design and taking the project through, Charvet very pragmatic and gave us very good solutions in terms of layout. Having their wisdom and experience was great to lean on.”

Damian Clisby, Chef-director, Petersham Nurseries
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“It lasts a long time, works perfectly and gives easy cleaning. Both our Charvet units are so easy to clean down at the end of the day and keep in pristine condition.”

Brian Spark, Executive Head Chef, Midland Hotel, Manchester

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“I would have to put Charvet first as my choice of range”.
ChefMartin Wishart, Restaurant Martin Wishart

“I have worked with Charvet in previous kitchens and have always found it to be solid, reliable, provides the cooking power we need, and most importantly takes the knocks that inevitably come from being in use 16 hours a day”.
Chef Gary Foulkes

“We were among the first to get Charvet Pro700.  It has been good for us, and we have had excellent support and service”.
Chef Alan Bird, Bird of Smithfield

“Whilst other ranges have come and gone, the Charvet Range I’ve had for over 16 years has remained and survived two complete kitchen relocations and refurbishments — and as a result we now have Charvet installed at all three of our restaurants”.
Colin Clydesdale and Carol Wright, Ubiquitous Chip Restaurant

“I required a manufacture who could deliver advanced technology with traditional build quality, offering us many years of good service — and Charvet delivered all that.

Installing the three Charvet bespoke suites has made a great difference within the kitchen — creating an effective and cooler working environment, with all suites having energy efficient induction hobs & other Charvet energy efficient cooking”.
Chef, Simon Radley, Simon Radley at The Chester Grosvenor