Why THINK Charvet?

In 2018, Charvet highlighted the colour range options for its heavy-duty professional cooking ranges with “Premium Finish”.  For 2019, Charvet is urging distributors to “THINK CHARVET” and focus on the range of benefits provided with a Charvet suite.

“People already see Charvet as a high-end quality product.  However, because all Charvet suites are essentially hand-built with the range and variety of cooking options and accessories always expanding, this makes Charvet increasingly versatile,” says UK Sales Director Ian Clow.



“For example, The PRO800 Series allows customers the flexibility of modular equipment while allowing for various levels of customisation.  We offer half and full module gas open burners with several power output options, with the additional option to have built-in energy saving pan detectors.  You can also choose from over six options for the space under, not forgetting the wide array of accessories and finishes available — from brass and chrome support rails, to pot shelves and pan racks.

“In this day and age, sustainability is at the forefront of our minds when developing new equipment.  Did you know Charvet suites are up to 95% recyclable?  Equipment is designed and updated to allow for the latest energy saving technology, increasing Charvet’s green footprint.  Look out for the green logo on Charvet drawings indicating particularly energy efficient equipment!

 “Charvet really does have a series to fit all budgets. With all suites manufactured with Charvet’s legendary longevity in mind, many of our suites have been around for more than 20 years!


“THINK CHARVET” as a solution for your kitchen requirements!