Providing the opportunity to floor, plinth and cantilever mount modules, AEROGAM can be installed to suit any sit-specific requirements.

Large Scale Cooking

AEROGAM features the powerful 15kW open burners found in the PRO1000 Series, coupled with further increased capacities for boiling pans and bratt pans, making the AEROGAM range particularly appealing to around the clock large-scale cooking operations.

Optimised Cleaning

When ease and speed during cleaning are an important factor, the AEROGAM series comes in to its own. AEROGAM takes the requirement for large-scale cooking up a level by increasing the leg height to 400mm and the option of cantilevering from a services wall, making cleaning and maintenance extremely easy.

“I wanted equipment that could cope with a busy kitchen pumping out food all night long. I needed reliability and a long working life”.

Paul Askew, The Art School