Charvet is an innovative and established brand of high-end cooking equipment, and one of the world's leading cooking equipment suppliers.

Why Charvet

Charvet’s continual focus on innovation, development and creativity makes it one of the world’s leading professional heavy-duty cooking equipment manufacturers.

Charvet Story

Located at the foot of the beautiful French Chartreuse mountains, Charvet’s tradition for manufacturing premier kitchen equipment dates back almost a century.

We are proud of Charvet's long history and it's continued success. Our suites can be found worldwide, which is a testament to the quality of materials used and it's skilled workforce. We are world renowned for producing practical and beautiful heavy-duty cooking equipment.

Ben Aird - Director

"The kitchens here operate from 7AM to 11PM, and the ranges are used on and off throughout the day. There are no issues with Charvet; the kit is outstanding and one of the best. It's all about quality!"

Head Chef Steven Gilles, The Lanesborough’s Michelin-starred Céleste restaurant

"Charvet is one of only a few manufacturers capable of producing a range of this quality and solidity."

Chef Clare Smyth, Core

"Charvet is a name that is synonymous with ‘quality’. It is easy to use, powerful, reliable, and chefs love working on great equipment. The modular Charvet ranges are also remarkably good value"!

Alex Aitken, Consultant to Harbour Hotels Group and Chef Patron at The Jetty, Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa

"Charvet has a good reputation and is definitely in the top-tier of commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers. The kitchen at Maison François is exposed, so we needed a suite that was well put together. The follow-up after-sales service is also very good, so overall I am very pleased"!

François O’Neill, Owner, Maison François

"I am a big fan of Charvet. Having worked in London hotels and restaurants for several years, I knew from experience that Charvet is built like a tank. Nothing ever went wrong! Our Charvet is reliable, efficient and consistent in terms of heat output".

Head Chef Liam Murray, The Thatched Tavern