Sustainability is always at the forefront of everything Charvet creates. Our cooking suites tend to last for over a decade (or longer!), which means equipment needs less replacing in the long run. When they do come to the end of their life cycle, the units are 95% recyclable!

Sustainable suppliers

We favour local businesses and suppliers that are recognised for their sustainable efforts with the environment, such as those that help reduce unnecessary transport so that we can help towards lowering emissions.

Sustainable design

Charvet design products to be energy efficient from conception.  Whether it is by adding refractory cement around burners,  creating pan detection systems to only work when it detects a pan on a hob, or creating multifunctional units to reduce the need for multiple equipment usage, we will always find a way to reduce energy.

Sustainable products - Electric

Charvet induction hobs provide thousands of hours of energy saving cooking time and are 90-95% energy efficient compared to gas burners.  Induction also cuts project costs by reducing spend on extraction systems, as they do not have to be designed to deal with high radiant heat and operate without gas interlocks.

Sustainable products - Gas

Our temperature resistant refractory cement is placed around high-efficiency burners, focusing heat output upwards and preventing sideward heat ‘leakage’, ensuring less energy is used to achieve the desired cooking temperature.  Pan detector burners shut down when no pans are in use, thus reducing gas usage and heat in kitchens.