Delivering the highest innovation and performance, the Charvet PRO700 range impresses at first sight with its reduced dimensions. PRO700 Series is perfect for restaurants that require heavy-duty equipment to fit in compact spaces.

Compact, but thinks BIG

Providing the unique opportunity to mix over 60 cooking module bridge units with varying width bases, the PRO700 Series is the ultimate choice for flexible cooking suite design.  Small yet mighty, PRO700 Series is packed with power and comes in a range of options, including gas, electric and induction.

Future proof

It’s clean lines and simplistic design allows PRO700 to be easy to install, service and maintain, while also providing powerful cooking performance.  As with all of Charvet’s modular series of equipment, a suite can be built up to fit any size kitchen.

PRO700 Series also allows for additional options like special colour panels, protection rails, refrigerated base units, and a one-piece work top to fully enhance your suite.

PRO700 Series’ 700mm depth is great for smaller restaurants, older properties, and smaller kitchens trying to create larger seating areas. It can also be installed virtually anywhere: take a look at our installation in The Cornish Arms’ Airstream as it toured the festivals.