The Gold Label

The ultimate in cooking suite design, Charvet Bespoke suites are the gold standard for restaurant kitchens.  Designed for complete flexibility, Bespoke range suites let you put our 85+ years of expertise to the test, creating your dream cooking suite.

Whether it is a 7.5 meter behemoth or a 1.5 meter compact suite, the same passion, attention to detail and dedication is given from our team to achieve ultimate results.

Bespoke Traditional

With a design dating back to the earliest Charvet range, when only bespoke suites were produced, the Bespoke Traditional has the feeling of perfection. Despite its traditional looks there have been many improvements to this style of bespoke suite over the years in terms of improved production techniques and the integration of the latest technology to be found in the modern kitchen.

With beautiful picture frame detailing around stainless steel or enamel panels and chrome or brass detailing each traditional bespoke suite can be just as individual as its surroundings. Found in many of the top restaurants in the world any chef would be the proud custodian of a Bespoke Traditional suite.

“I required a manufacture who could deliver advanced technology with traditional build quality, offering us many years of good service — and Charvet delivered all that. Installing the three Charvet bespoke suites has made a great difference within the kitchen - creating an effective and cooler working environment, with all suites having energy efficient induction hobs & other Charvet energy efficient cooking”.

Chef, Simon Radley, Simon Radley at The Chester Grosvenor

Bespoke Modern

Bringing the bespoke suites into the modern era of kitchens is the Bespoke Modern design, available in stainless steel finish only it is unique in the Charvet bespoke world to have integrated door handles and flush finish doors and drawers, providing a clean and fresh look to any kitchen.

With the ability to choose from the large selection of bespoke cooking components the Bespoke Modern can be found within modern restaurant kitchens to professional residential kitchens requiring an elegant, clean finish.

Bespoke Compact

The slimmest Charvet Bespoke suite yet, the Bespoke Compact can be just 750mm deep, this opens bespoke suites to all professional kitchen possibilities and even some residential properties. Designed to still be a true Charvet Bespoke the Bespoke Compact can be customised to suit the needs of any kitchen environment or property owner.

Benefiting from a special range of cooking components allows for the small 750mm depth but it doesn’t stop there, the Bespoke Compact can be designed with any standard bespoke cooking component, allowing for every chef or owner to have their desire turned in to a reality.