“When it comes to recruitment, a Charvet kitchen is a definite draw to new chefs. You can watch eyes pop open when they walk in”!

Chef Tom Ewings

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Educational Facilities

Charvet manufactures premier quality, heavy-duty cooking equipment.  Our ability to create sophisticated suites out of robust 2mm/3mm thick worktops puts us at the top of any cooking equipment manufacturer shortlist for schools, colleges and universities.

Garden Centres

Garden centres are seeing a huge demand for in-house dining facilities — therefore increasing demand for catering equipment investment.

Charvet has worked on many professional cooking suites in garden centres — from modular PRO700 suites, all the way up to our fantastic Bespoke suites.

Charvet ranges can be adapted to suit any cooking environment, making it ideal for mixed use kitchens found in garden centres.



Some of the most renowned restaurants in the world are found in hotels, so it would be safe to assume that they would like to work with the best equipment available to meet customer demand.

Charvet’s wide range of modular equipment allows for all types of hotel establishments to be catered for, from small boutique hotels with limited kitchen space, to larger international hotel conglomerates requiring bulk production kitchens.  Be it ‘front of house’ kitchens, or bespoke suites that provide a focal point in their fine dining establishment, there is a Charvet suite for all!

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Pubs & Bars

Whether it is an independently owned family pub or pub groups, Charvet’s vast range of cooking equipment can accommodate any requirement.

Charvet’s versatile modular range allows for kitchen equipment to be upgraded over a period of time, helping to build up suites as funding becomes available to our customers.

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Residential Care Homes

Residential care homes run on high standards, with the need for hygiene and ease of equipment use being paramount in any large kitchen equipment purchase.

Charvet’s ranges can be produced with one-piece worktops or high legs, mounted on castors or cantilevers, and manufactured without visible screws — giving our  equipment a flush finish which allows for a simpler and easier cleaning.

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Charvet suites can be found in some of the world’s best restaurants.

With our ability produce suites in numerous shapes and sizes, Charvet can provide effective solutions for any restaurant kitchen.  Our equipment easily provides a great return on any investment, with suites renowned for their longevity, quality and ease of use.