The Charvet PRO900 Series is perfect for institutional catering, factories or corporate staff restaurants. The range particularly stands out for its larger capacity boiling and bratt pans, and incorporated 180mm deep front plating shelves.

Maximum productivity

Building on the traditional and trusted design features of the PRO800 series, the Charvet PRO900 series maintains the modular widths of the PRO800 series but offers increased production capacity with only a 100mm increase in depth, therefore not increasing a suite’s overall width.

Providing the opportunity to floor, plinth and cantilever mount modules, PRO900 Series suites can be configured in endless ways, creating a complete range of solutions to ensure greater productivity in any kitchen.

Powerful and energy efficient

PRO900 is packed with power and comes with a range of options, including gas, electric and induction.  With ever increasing green requirements now needed in most equipment manufacturing, the PRO900 series has also has the ability (like all Charvet equipment) to be connected to an energy management system.

Robustly built for bulk cooking, the PRO900 Series allows you to modify widths and heights of neutral units, providing complete design flexibility.