Charvet has always produced coloured enamel panels from our own factory for bespoke suites.  A limited palette was also used for other products, such as maroon for PRO700 suites.

We have now decided to widen that choice to include colour for the heavy-duty PRO 700, 800 and 900 suites and matching Salamander.

Coloured enamel panels are available for all front fascia panels, including the door and control panel on full and half modules, as well as the oven unit and service void end panel.

Whether it’s Traffic Orange, or Moss Green, Night Blue or Light Ivory, there are 9 standard colours to choose from, with special colours available upon request.

The complete PRO Series continues to be heavy duty, modular, flexible and efficient, but now brings a touch of colour and individuality to the kitchen, allowing ranges to be adapted to suit brand identities and designs.

Charvet recognises (through our working relationship with restaurant and interior designers on numerous restaurant and hotel projects in the UK and abroad) that enhancing ‘the look’ of the kitchen equipment creates wider sales opportunities by boosting the trend to open kitchens.

Equipment must of course be heavy-duty to last the pace, but designers, operators and (increasingly) chefs want coloured ranges to help reinforce and broadcast their brand identity.