Charvet Pro 800 heavy-duty cooking ranges are the benchmark for quality in the European foodservice industry.

“It is accurate to say, ‘Chefs love Charvet’, because so many have learnt and grown up with it,” says Ian Clow, Charvet UK Sales Director.

“Chefs can be working with Charvet from the very beginnings of their career. Charvet Pro 800 Series is used to train youngsters in colleges and is also the mainstay of kitchens in all sizes of restaurants, hotels, workplace catering and CPUs.

“The Charvet Pro 800 offers the flexibility and convenience of a modular suite, but with much of the customisation and options found in a bespoke and it has proven over time to be the chef’s choice when it comes to outfitting their own restaurants. The power, reliability, long working life and extraordinary long-term value is what makes Charvet the preferred choice of so many.”


“Charvet has taken into account advances in technology along with customer demand to make some exciting additions to the Pro 800 Series,” says Ian Clow.

“I can categorically state that nothing has changed to Charvet’s heavy duty status; we have just got more versatile and especially agile with the benefit of age and experience.”

NEW for 2021

  • Pro 800 Six Burner Range with a choice of large oven, open base or bridge unit.
  • There are new Pro 800 660 mm X 580 mm Smooth Griddles and Smooth and Chrome Plancha in gas and electric.
  • Charvet has also launched new Pro 800 110 litre gas or electric boiling pans in direct heated and water jacketed versions.
  • There is also a new Pro 800 Multizone Induction – replicating the traditional solid top – launching with a GN2/1 oven under.

Continues Ian Clow: “The PRO 800 is evolving to changing surroundings and new style menus. While there is pressure from smaller kitchen footprints, there is also demand for even more productivity.

“Kitchens are increasingly ‘on show’ to the public and Charvet’s Premium Finish – a palette of ready-made colours – means chefs can economically and tastefully colour their range to suit the decor or logo.

“One-piece tops are also increasingly requested, for hygiene and good looks. Charvet also has added a ‘Vibro’ polished finish to the tops, which ensures the range carries its good looks into old age.

“If our traditional 900 deep ranges really are too big for the smaller kitchen, Charvet has the answer in the form of the Pro 700 series – saving 200 mm depth.

“The ‘Pocket Rocket’ Pro 700 is tailored for smaller kitchens and even poolside catering. It is discreet and good looking enough for public display, with its choice of colours and finishes, but it is Charvet heavy duty build with a huge choice of powerful cooking options.

“The key to getting the right mix of cooking elements on top of the range is to have a complete choice of full and half-size gas, electric and induction modules – and Charvet has the lot.

“With the current government incentives, this is the right time to be looking at the range of your dreams and investing for the future.

“Charvet has evolved and heavy-duty is still the name of our game.”