The third Charvet Chef Talk looks at the issue of mental health within our industry and how employers and employees can manage it.

“Thanks for doing this — great work! Adam’s point about people making false promises had always been rife in this wonderful trade of ours”

“Very interesting. Hopefully we can take the info on board at all levels”

Charvet is proud of its association with the mental health charity, The Burnt Chef Project.

Kris Hall The Burnt Chef Project
Kris Hall, founder, The Burnt Chef Project

Launched in May 2019, The Burnt Chef Project was set up with the sole intention of ‘eradicating mental health stigma within hospitality.’

“I’ve been working closely within the hospitality industry for around 9 years and have seen first hand the struggles of mental health issues within the trade with both clients and friends,” Kris Hall, founder of The Burnt Chef Project.

If you need help now…


If you’re looking to talk to someone about mental health get in touch, 24/7 and in complete confidence.

All calls and emails answered by counsellors and clinically trained psychotherapists.