Charvet 900 Locale

Equipment distributor Whitco Catering & Baking Equipment recently replaced decades old Charvet kit with new Pro900 wall suites.

Located beside the London Eye next to the old County Hall building, Locale restaurant and bar serves affordable fresh Italian food including classic pastas, artisanal pizzas, seasonal fish & meats and fresh salads.

One of a small chain, Locale South Bank is hugely popular, serving up to 700 covers daily, reports Manager Mathew Skipper-Banks.

“We are really glad to have the new equipment on board,” he says.

“The Charvet Pro 900s replaced equipment that had been running for up to 21 years.

“We did look at the market and obtained competitive quotes for the replacements from several different manufacturers and yes, some did come in at cheaper prices.

“But when you look at how the Charvet equipment had already performed and how many years it had lasted, why not choose Charvet again?

“This is a busy, successful restaurant. The kitchen is on show to the public and we need good looking, high power equipment that will prove to be durable. The chefs love working with it and because Charvet lasts such a long time, we know it works.”

See the range in action here…