Pro 800 Series


Traditional, Efficient and Flexible

With continual development mixed with traditional design, the Pro 800 Series is favoured by small and medium-sized operations.

For establishments requiring a long-lasting investment, the Pro 800 Series provides users with confidence that their suite will maintain its specialist finish whilst withstanding the harshest use.

Pro 800 Series allows you to modify the widths and heights of neutral units, providing the flexibility to design a customised suite to fit the most challenging kitchen environment.

“Moving towards the bespoke end of the spectrum, the Pro 800 series provides an ideal opportunity to mix the flexibility of modular equipment with customisation, allowing all types of kitchens to create beautiful and unique cooking suites. Added to this is the knowledge that Pro 800 series will last over 20 years, providing a great return on investment”.

Wayne Cuomo

Charvet – Premier Ranges

There are a variety of design options in Pro 800, with the opportunity to floor, plinth and cantilever mount modules, potentially increasing productivity whilst creating a central focal point for your kitchen.


  • Six burner range with a choice of large oven, open base or bridge unit
  • 660mm x 580mm smooth griddles and smooth chrome plancha in gas and electric
  • 100 litre gas or electric boiling pans in direct heated and water jacketed versions
  • Multizone induction – replicating the traditional solid top – launching with a GN21/1 oven under

Pro 800 Series is packed with power and comes with a range of options including gas, electric and induction.

  • Charvet’s legendary durability
  • Powerful cooking performance
  • Easy to install, service and maintain
  • Fully welded super-durable construction
  • Traditional design features
  • Modules available from 425mm up to 1,275mm wide
  • Charvet ‘Rouge Vin’ enamel control panels and handles
  • 3mm thick worktop
  • Adjustable width/height neutral modules
  • Optional short or tall flues
  • Optional one-piece worktop
  • Optional semi one-piece worktop sections
  • Optional colour choices for enamel control panels and handles
  • Optional ‘Premium Finish’ adding coloured front panels to modules

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“Kitchens are increasingly ‘on show’ to the public and Charvet’s Premium Finish – a palette of ready-made colours – means chefs can economically and tastefully colour their range to suit the decor or logo. One-piece tops are also increasingly requested, for hygiene and good looks. Charvet also has added a ‘Vibro’ polished finish to the tops, which ensures the range carries its good looks into old age.

Ian Clow

Charvet – Premier Ranges – Managing Director

Find out about the Pro 800 optional finishes here