EXTEND Concept relocates the suite to the centre of your kitchen. With a huge range of modules you have the flexibility to create the ideal cooking suite for your cooking requirements.

Be the centre of your kitchen

The EXTEND Concept is one step away from the Gold Label Bespoke suites and is in essence a modular bespoke suite. Based on the principle of using 1000mm deep modules to build a central island or peninsular suite to the length you need, the Extend Concept offers the possibility of combining several core modules with its many add-on sections. EXTEND Concept is packed with power and comes with a range of options, including gas, electric and induction.

Extend Concept optional finishes

The Extend concept isn’t quite a bespoke cooking suite, but it’s close, and allows you to have so much addition design and style.

Simple and elegant design features make the standard Extend peninsular or island suites stand out from the rest with an all stainless-steel finish with chrome coated aluminium recessed control knobs and bright polished oven door and cupboard handles. Extend Concept features 3mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel worktops with linear polish finish.

“Charvet is practical, looks amazing… you just need to see it. The planchas are super, super strong – and easy to clean – the induction super-fast.”

Miquel Villacrosa, Head Chef, Tast Catala, Manchester