Customers as well as chefs get to admire the new Charvet professional bespoke cooking suite at a prestige site in Central London.

A kitchen table experience sees diners sitting opposite the pass looking straight at the Charvet Bespoke Island Cooking Suite, which measures 4,300 mm x 1,600 mm x 800 mm high.

The Worktop is 3mm Titanium s/s one-piece in vibro polish finish. Vibro reduces glare from the surface, especially where there is bright overhead lighting.

Enamelled Coloured Panels: This bespoke suite is finished in a bespoke colour to match the branding, with bright polish door handles and chrome control knobs.



  • 2 X 800 mm x 680 mm 16kW Electric smooth steel plancha with 4 heat zones
  • 2 X 800 mm x 500 mm 10.5kW Electric smooth steel plancha with 2 heat zones

These are the Plancha that achieve 450 degC so you cook on them directly or use pans! Other types of planchas are rated to achieve just 350 degC surface temp and these are great for direct cooking, but they are not hot enough for pan work.

Double Induction Hob

  • 2 X 650 mm x 325 mm 10kW

Two 5kW Charvet induction hobs offer huge power, helping to get food on the table quicker than gas, which is crucial when you are running a busy restaurant. They raise or reduce heat energy immediately but also have perfectly accurate heat settings, giving better control than gas, especially at lower temperatures for delicate sauces.

Induction is 95% efficient against gas burners with 65% efficiency, saving lots of energy.


  • 1 X 2.8kW Electric rise and fall salamander, with energy saving plate detection system

It’s becoming a legend in its own lunchtime; the Rise and Fall offers huge power as you would expect from Charvet, up to 400 degC in just nine seconds or a massive 570 degC after 15 minutes use.

But it is also energy saving, with a half on/off feature and a plate detection system.

Chefs also love the flexibility provided. Open on three sides, it accepts dishes of any size and measures 600 x 590 x 590 mm, with a surface cooking area of 540 x 375 mm. It is so heavily built, it weighs 44kg!


  • 1 X 6.3kW Electric GN2/1 Oven, with S/S Interior, 50 deg C to 300 deg C

Now, why would a top chef want such an old fashioned static electric oven in their lovely new bespoke suite? Instead, they could have had a refrigerated drawer or hot food warmer…so why the oven?

The classic Static oven still has a fanatical fan base because the flexibility they provide is ideal for busy kitchens throughout the day.

Used first thing in the morning for baking foods such as custards, flans, cakes and bread, they produce results that are more ‘home baked’ than in fan ovens and, many chefs believe, produce better, crispier results – ideal, perhaps for the growing trend in artisan breads.

Static Ovens feature radiant heat rather than forced air convection and are also suited to cooking very delicate dishes such as soufflés, which can cook unevenly and emerge lop-sided if cooked in a fan-assisted oven.

For service, Static Ovens provide two heat levels. With no fan to force the air around the oven, the top shelf sits in the hottest air and is ideal for roasting and finishing.

The cooler area on the bottom shelf acts like a warming oven, to warm plates for service and to hold cooked dishes such as duck breast while the garnishes are prepared and plated.

The dual purpose operation and the fact that Static Ovens are within arm’s length of the chef and easy to reach – no need to walk across the kitchen – makes them a popular choice for chefs when they specify a new Charvet cooking suite.

And finally...

Also, within this feature packed professional bespoke cooking suite is lots of working and storage space! Note how the client has built in plating areas top and bottom and in the middle of the suite. There is also plenty of storage under for pans.

  • 1 x void to accept 2 drawer food warmer unit
  • 2 x double door cupboard (GN2/1)
  • 2 x open cupboard
  • 1 x open cupboard