“The feature I like best is that you can really control the heat with this range. I have got max power when I need it,” says Hotel Verta Head Chef, Neal Dove.

“The water chargrill is superb in its quality and finish and it cooks like you are using charcoal – without the charcoal.

“The double oven will allow me to cook things like a confit of whole pork loin

“It’s a doddle to clean because it’s just so easy. Normally, with a conventional gas or electric range you have to leave it to cool down after service, when you just want to get home. With this one, we can start cleaning within 30 seconds – and all we have to do is give it a good sponge down.

“This is my third (and my second brand new!) Charvet cooking suite – what I’d say to other chefs is ‘give it a go’. You will save time on maintaining it because it is so easy to look after; you will not be spending hours cleaning up and its never going to let you down; they last forever.”

Neal Dove leads the kitchen at von Essen’s first London hotel. His experience includes Executive Head Chef positions at the DeVere Grand Harbour Hotel and von Essen’s Forbury Hotel. Prior to that he worked as executive sous chef at Cliveden.

At Hotel Verta, Dove oversees all menus within Patrisey Restaurant and Vertilon Bar which will reference both modern British and European influences.

Cooking Range

Model: Bespoke L shaped Charvet electric cooking suite featuring:

  • Bespoke 3mm titanium one piece top
  • 8 x 5kW induction hob on peninsula, 4 x 5kW induction on the other side
  • Pass-through oven on peninsula
  • 2 x conventional ovens on top L (against the wall)
  • Electric water chargrill (grill bars are mounted over a water bath; fat drips off the food into the bath, which can either be continuously flushed or emptied at end of service).
  • Chrome plancha
  • Double fryer
  • Charvet grill
  • Built in 90 mm splash back to both sides

The catering facilities were designed and installed by Space Catering, which specified a mix of bespoke and eco-friendly cooking and refrigeration equipment, including the Charvet suite with induction hobs and a special system for cooling hot air from the oven, which makes the kitchen easier to work in. The project also included equipment for the banqueting kitchen, extensive bar support and numerous features to help the brigade maintain a seamless 24/7, five star service.