The Lanesborough, London, installed the first of its Charvet cooking suites in its downstairs kitchen a decade ago, following up with another in the upstairs kitchen in 2015.

The Charvet bespoke and Pro900 suites both feature extensive use of induction hobs.

Steeven Gilles is Head Chef at The Lanesborough’s Michelin-starred Céleste restaurant and he kindly gave his comments on the Charvet equipment.

Steeven has only worked in Michelin-starred restaurants, including the 3* Michelin Epicure restaurant at Hôtel Le Bristol, Paris and the 2* Michelin Ledbury restaurant, London; (the Ledbury also uses Charvet).

“Charvet is nice quality and I have nothing negative to say about it.

“This is the first time I have used induction and here, it is perfect for me. It is strong, quick, reliable and has never had a problem or needed a fix.

“I must say also that the Charvet Plancha is also good.

“The kitchens here operate from 7am to 11pm and the ranges are used on and off throughout the day. There are no issues with Charvet; it is outstanding and one of the best; all about quality!”