Wayne Cuomo retires in November 2021, 23 years after setting up Charvet Premier Ranges Limited.

Ian Clow takes over as Managing Director, with Ben Aird as Business Development Director, Richard Acton as Operations Director and Gary Allen as UK Sales Manager.

“During those 23 years we have established Charvet Premier Ranges as a stable, professional, trusted and competitive supplier within the UK catering equipment supply market,” says Wayne Cuomo.

“Charvet is a brand that is well-known and respected and remains in safe hands for further growth in the future.”

Managing Director Ian Clow comments, “Wayne saw a great future for Charvet in the UK and had the courage to pursue his vision.

“The Company launched in 1998 with a strict policy of selling ONLY via the distribution chain and we have always worked alongside distributors, which has won us a unique ‘niche’ in the UK market, working with a select band of very loyal UK distributors.

“Wayne’s knowledge and experience has been a major contributing factor and his knowledge and contacts in the Middle East export market also proved crucial to Charvet’s successful overseas expansion.

“Wayne is a true professional; he is also a ‘gentleman’ and highly regarded by catering equipment distributors up and down the land, as well as kitchen houses and consultants. His contribution has been immense, and he leaves us with a strong company working with a customer base that is equally committed to quality and professionalism.”