The 12kW Charvet Four Zone PCF PLANCHA is a powerful, multipurpose tool for the modern chef and it looks great working in front of the customer.

It can operate as one cooking surface, or each of four zones can operate independently, making it ideal for Teppanyaki style cooking.

Keeping one zone hot and the others cooler makes the ideal combination for Teppanyaki, a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food. But that heat combo is also great for cooking sausages, bacon, toasted sandwiches, steak, eggs, stir-fries and pancakes!

The Four Zone Plancha is made from 20 mm thick steel plate and achieves a surface temperature of 450degC.

For mise en place first thing in the morning, the four zones can become one, making it ideal for use as a solid top, boiling up big pans.

The new four zone steel PCF PLANCHA has brought some innovation to a very traditional market.

It is surrounded by a widely radiated groove making cleaning operations easier. 

Charvet manufactures Plancha in several sizes, including 8kW, 12kW and 16kW outputs, steel or chrome surfaced and all truly heavy-duty.

Available in Pro 800, Pro 900, Pro 1000, AERO Gam and Virtuose range.

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