Charvet UK has appointed Ben Aird as National Account Manager.

At the same time, Charvet UK Sales Development Manager Gary Allen is promoted to the role of Charvet UK Sales Manager.

“I am delighted to welcome Ben to Charvet,” says Charvet UK MD Wayne Cuomo.

“As an ex-chef and a highly regarded sales professional, Ben will take the Charvet message to the national account market. This is a difficult time for the hotel, restaurant and contract catering industries and now more than ever, these caterers will plan their kitchen equipment purchasing with the utmost scrutiny and that suits us at Charvet and by extension, our distributor partners.

“Charvet has and will always work with distributors; we never go direct. We make heavy-duty, long-lasting profession cooking suites that are capable of taking any punishment chefs can throw at it. Our existing customers know that Charvet equipment is easily maintained, reliable and that it can be refurbished with new cooking modules as necessary, which is what makes Charvet such excellent long-term value.

“Congratulations also to Gary Allen, who is promoted to UK Sales Manager as recognition of his hard work and professionalism. Gary has helped the company grow in size and capability and he will drive the company forward to further success.”


“Many thanks to Wayne for this opportunity. Charvet UK has been on my radar for some while and the reason to join Charvet now is quite simple really. Charvet has decades of experience and are able to take the heritage of the entire product range, including ranges that continue to work in kitchens for over 20 years, and put this into a product range that fit the business models of the ever evolving modern professional kitchen.

“One of the keys to the success of restaurant groups and chains in the UK is that they are constantly examining their operational practises and discovering how a small change can make the largest difference to ensure that the kitchens are working to their optimum performance and consistency across their estates.

“Charvet equipment offers the build and reliability that comes with a heavy-duty range at a sensible price. As operators look to develop their kitchen operations and come through the additional challenges they face now and into 2021, Charvet will be by their side to ensure that they are getting the most out of the kitchens now and in the years to come.  

“The Charvet product range has always provided its customers with the confidence that time after time, the equipment can and will continue to operate above the expectations of its users. The build quality consistently shines through, as well as unrivalled reliability and it is no surprise to see the brand aligned with some of the highest profiled chefs in the United Kingdom and around the world.

“Coupled with the peace of mind that the product range will perform and deliver over and over again whether there are 50 customers or 150-plus customers in the dining room, this makes the Charvet product range the option that cannot be ignored and it will be considered by executive chefs and food development teams in all sectors of the foodservice and hospitality industry.

“In market sectors such as casual dining and pubs, the current medium duty equipment is simply not tough enough to deal with the output that the businesses and operators demand.

“Charvet products have been developed and evolved to the needs of the chefs that actually use them.

“Since early July, over the next few months and moving in 2021 the operations in kitchen across all sectors of the hospitality sector will have been and will continue to be tested.

“The Charvet product range offers a solution to all areas of any professional kitchen even as these kitchens evolve and adapt to whatever changes are required.”


“Using face to face presentations and numerous trips to the Charvet factory in France and our showroom in the UK, consultants, kitchen houses and distributors have come to know that Charvet is a high-quality long-lasting product, with excellent technical support.

“Given the tough time for the industry at the moment, Ben’s appointment is a positive signal for the future.”