Charvet UK is geared-up and ready to help operators get up and running.

As restaurants and hotels re-open, the demand for maintenance and spares may outstrip supply – caution advises to get your requests for technical support in early!

One benefit of Charvet’s heavy-duty build quality is that – even after prolonged lack of use – a Charvet range can spring back into life with maintenance and TLC.

Undoubtedly there will be some ‘firing up’ issues and an initial service may be required to check over the range and fix the problems caused by lack of use.

Charvet UK’s stock levels of spares will meet the needs of service engineers when the industry releases the pause button and starts to open again for business.

Plan ahead and make sure you do not leave it until the last moment to check your equipment is in good order.

We recognise that operators have been going through a desperate time and are here to help. Charvet and our nationwide team of catering equipment distributor partners provide clear, common sense advice on the most cost-effective way to safely re-start and operate our equipment.

Here is a simple pre-opening checklist: –

  • Make a maintenance booking early to avoid delaying your re-opening. By booking maintenance appointments early, caterers will also eliminate the issue of potentially paying for an emergency callout!
  • Where possible carry out deep cleaning while your equipment is out of use, make any remedial building repairs on floors and plumbing.
  • Make sure your extraction and ventilation are running correctly.
  • Electrical cooking equipment will need checking over as much as Gas equipment. Before checking over, make sure the units are isolated and switched off; then conduct a visual inspection, including the condition of power cables. Report anything you find that may not seem normal.
  • Clean any filters on equipment such as induction tops or refrigeration.