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Its TOP 100 LISTING contains…”the appliances that revolutionised foodservice down the decades. Which pieces of kit really pushed the boundaries of the possible in a commercial kitchen? Old or new, the equipment included here must be accepted as representing an industry-wide step-change.”

Charvet Heavy Duty Bespoke ranges appeared early in the list.

Setting the standard for truly heavy-duty ranges in the UK, examples of Charvet’s bespoke craftsmanship are still in working use today at grand Hotels including The Dorchester and Hintlesham Hall although they were installed over 25 years ago.

The outstanding build-quality of Charvet, best exemplified by Charvet Bespoke, means that these ranges are among the most sustainable on the planet; providing cooking facilities over the longest time using the least amount of resources.

This equipment has ‘revolutionised’ by the simple expedient of sticking to the traditional values of the original makers. As the rest of the industry has ‘progressed’ by and large, to value engineered equipment with limited durability and lifespan, Charvet is still making ranges that can last 25 years.

Because the design of a Charvet Bespoke allows for upgrades and additions of new technology, the Charvet Bespoke range is truly timeless.

It is revolutionary by sticking to its principles.

It is the most sustainable range simply because it can last a very long time, using up less resources than competing ranges.

What particular features of the appliance prove revolutionary and why?

Charvet Bespoke ranges are fully welded from high quality stainless steel. They also utilize a good old fashioned ‘chassis’ for strength and ease of access. While this means extra labour, materials, weight and cost at the point of manufacture, this also helps to ensure the longest possible working life and it means they can be updated to take advantage of new technology.

Charvet Bespoke Ranges are the most sustainable range simply because they can last a very long time and consume less resources on a year to year basis, than competing ranges which would need replacing twice or even three times compared to the Charvet Bespoke.

Charvet Bespoke suites are designed from a blank canvas to meet exact size, shape and design requirements. They were among the first to feature a central services location which greatly simplifies the process of construction, servicing and maintenance; and upgrading.

Charvet bespoke ranges can be updated to take advantage of new technology. In 2010 the ranges at The Savoy were dismantled and then re-built within the existing one-piece top, but now including two new solid top sections (to cater for increased pan work) in the centre, two induction hobs, two open burners and two chargrills.

Truly bespoke ranges allow for a design to fit a given space, allowing for precision of movement within the kitchen.

As well as virtually any shape you would like, Charvet Bespoke Ranges can be coloured in any enamel colour you like, including a true red.