Chef Marco’s background, like most, includes spells in all gas kitchens.

“They could be very, very hot to work in,” says Marco. “I have used induction previously but this new Charvet induction is so much more controllable. Why would you build a new kitchen now with anything else!”

Kitchen facilities were designed and installed by Court Catering Equipment. Two sets of Charvet commercial cooking suites were chosen, Charvet Pro700 Series induction hob and separate griddle, both with black coloured panels for the teaching kitchen and Charvet Pro800 Series cooking suite for the main kitchen.

Key elements of the 800 Series include several double induction hobs, pasta cooker, twin fryer and chromed steel Plancha. Both kitchens are electric, majoring on the induction hobs to reduce the ventilation demand and maintain a comfortable working environment.

“My previous experience with the older style induction,” continues Marco, “is that it was either on full power, or off. This new generation is very smooth and very quick, giving 0-100 per cent when you need it.”

Marco joined The Langley from Sushi Samba, London and earlier in his career he worked at La Posta Vecchia and Il Pellicano in Italy.

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