This was a wonderful job for us in terms of being able to work closely with Clare Smyth to build a cooking suite specific to her wishes.

We were contacted directly by Core’s Head Chef Jonny Bone, as Clare saw the quality of the Charvet PRO800 Series firsthand at their previous kitchen in Notting Hill.  They also visited other existing Charvet installations to observe our quality craftmanship in action.

Our Bespoke suites provides Chefs a hardworking cooking unit without sacrificing stylisation, ensuring they have the right equipment that matches their style of cooking and menu — not just today, but for years to come.  To that end, Clare had a logo plate and Salamader control plate made by the Charvet’s own enamel factory to match the colour of the Core logo.

We then worked with Berkeley Projects to ensure we met Clare’s specifications, including incorporating an Ox Grill into the suite.  Clare and Jonny visited the Charvet factory in France to see her suite in production and suggest any fine tuning.

It’s been a privilege to be part of the team that created Core’s Bespoke Suite, and we hope that Clare will have many enjoyable years working on with it!

  • Clare Smyth