Charvet has upgraded its range of boiling pans by introducing a new, hugely powerful 28 k/W Pro 900 Series boiling pan.

Featuring motorized tilting, the 150-litre pan is made with a large radius between side and bottom for easy cleaning and with a built-in front pouring spout and removable stainless-steel strainer.

Gas and electric versions are available with a water jacket.  A directly heated gas version is also available.

The pan is controlled by a simmerstat and gas valve with flame failure ionization probe and sparking ignition.

All boiling pans have a AISI 316 L specification stainless steel base to the tank.

Charvet has also added 100L 18 k/W gas and 13.5 k/W electric boiling pan options for the heavy duty (but medium sized) Charvet Pro 700 range.

This series is especially popular with catering equipment distributors because at only 700mm deep (compared to the traditional 900m depth) it saves 200mm for the kitchen designer but still packs Charvet’s awesome cooking power.

Complimenting Pro 700 60L bratt pans, (gas 15 k/W, Electric 9 k/W) with motor tilt, both versions of the boiling pans can feature a water jacket.  Direct heating is also available for the gas heated model.

The pans are finished to the highest specification, with a large radius between side and bottom to ease stirring and cleaning.