Charvet has introduced a new Pro 900 Series tilting motorized bratt pan.

All models measure 900mm D x 900mm H, with a choice of two widths (1275mm and 1700mm) that have a capacity of 100Lt. and 150Lt. respectively.

Gas and Electric versions are available in both sizes and all models are available with either manual or motor tilt mechanisms.

The new Pro 900 Bratt Pan is perfect for large heavy equipment projects such as CPUs, hospitals, large hotels and production kitchens.

All models are mounted on 400mm high legs to facilitate easy cleaning underneath.  Construction is heavy duty as you would expect from Charvet-– the frame itself is 3mm thick!

The unit is 304 stainless steel throughout, with a 10mm thick stainless-steel bottom and the option of a 10mm thick ‘bi-metal’ bottom.

Featuring stainless over mild steel, the bi-metal option improves thermal conductivity, making it ideal for direct contact cooking for foods such as steaks or pancakes, while retaining the corrosion resistance of 304 stainless steel.

Water fill taps are fitted as standard together with pan tilt sensors which cut the heating automatically when the pan is raised.

Options include fully insulated counterbalanced lids.