Find out what makes the head chef of the three-Michelin-starred Core tick and how he sees the future of the restaurant business. Jonny Bone talked about dealing with lockdown, training and motivating the team and how suppliers contributed to helping CORE achieve 3 Michelin stars.

Now, he wants to “step it up” and get to the “next level of knowledge – exciting times are ahead!”

The free 40-minute online event is now available to watch in full, but here are a just a few snippets…

Jonny… on Core receiving its third Michelin star

It’s one of the best things I think anyone can achieve in their career… It’s been a kind of lifelong goal, being part of something like that.

… on coming out of lockdown

I think this whole year was very much quite a negative thing and what we need to constantly come out of it, is positivity. Our industry needs to worry less about negativity, more about what we’re pushing forward, not worrying about all the things we think aren’t right, because they will eventually sort themselves out.

… on the industry

Hopefully we’ll inspire a young generation of British cooks to come forward. For anyone saying there aren’t the opportunities, there definitely is now, there aren’t as many people coming over from Europe. It’s a lot more difficult, so they can come through and really make this an amazing career.

… on buying British

I think in the future, we’ve got to go more on British produce and British produce also has to come up to that mark as well… this country is full of beautiful produce: everything, the fish, the shellfish… and I’m really excited about seeing that more and more: British on the menu.

… on the future

We will continue to do everything we want to do, and do it at the highest level we can, and I think everyone in our industry should be inspired to do the same, because we’re in a really kind of opportune moment, where we can either do what we did, or a lot of places, we can step it up a little bit more and make it a little bit more special.


Optimism, excitement… enjoy it!

… on Charvet

It’s a really great piece of kit to work with. It looks stunning… They have been able to produce something that produces a huge amount of covers every week, every month, and now over 3 years! It’s stood the test of time. It’s really got a strength to it.

… on Charvet’s service

They worked with us, that was the great thing about it…. they’re fantastic.